At Northeast Dental Center, we offer more than one high-quality brand of clear aligners. ClearCorrect is a U.S.- based brand of clear aligners, which has been steadily gaining popularity since 2006.

ClearCorrect & Invisalign: Similarities

Just like any other clear aligners, ClearCorrect aligners are made of transparent material, making them hardly noticeable. They are designed to be used for up to 22 hours a day and can be easily popped out of the mouth for eating, drinking and brushing. They offer and comfortable option to those who do not like metal braces or are allergic to metal.

Extremely easy to use, ClearCorrect fit really well and are easy to maintain and clean. Depending upon the schedule suggested by your dentist (generally every three weeks), you will be required to switch from one tray to another until the process of aligning your teeth has been completed.

When you visit Northeast Dental Center for your orthodontic needs, we first take a precise measurement of your teeth by taking X-Ray Scans, photographs and molds so that there will never be a need for metal brackets to keep your ClearCorrect Aligners in place.

ClearCorrect & Invisalign: Differences

With a view to attract a larger share of the consumer market, the makers of ClearCorrect have kept their prices significantly lower than that of Invisalign; however, the quality is at par with some of the most expensive clear aligner brands. They are manufactured in Texas, USA.

With Invisalign, all the trays you need are shipped at once, while ClearCorrect offers scheduled deliveries for trays in batches. This is an advantage because the dentist can order adjustments to be made to the delivery of the next batch, taking into account the current progress of a patient’s teeth. This may be required in cases where a patient fails to wear the current batch of aligners for 22 hours per day.

It may also happen that ClearCorrect is unable to deliver your next tray in time, which could, in turn, delay your treatment, as you will have to wait for your next batch to arrive. These problems will not happen with Invisalign since all your trays are delivered to you at once.

If you fail to wear your Invisalign aligners for the required number of hours each day, then your dentist will have to take new measurements for your next batch to send to Invisalign, so that new aligners can be sent. This can significantly impact your progress and will also bring up the cost of the treatment.

Tired of the difficulties caused by traditional metal braces? Call Northeast Dental Center at (215) 297-6368 and we will help you determine if ClearCorrect aligners could be the solution to your tooth problems.

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